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Our Teachers

School Phone:  (519) 538-1950
School Fax:  (519) 370-2957

Staff Members
Area Responsiblity
Voicemail #
Jill Calvert-Goetz
Physical Education
Brad Boyd                                                                                                            
Tennile Carbert/Candace Merrifield
Grade 1
Classroom Teacher and Lead Teacher
Erika Ready
Grade 1/2 FI
Classroom Teacher
Jennifer Embacher
Grade 2
Classroom Teacher
Mary Jack
Grade 1FI
Classroom Teacher
Bob Hoare
All Grades
Health Teacher, RDSP, Computer Contact, Library Contact
Laurel Sanderson
Grade 3
Classroom Teacher
Jennifer Clements
Classroom Teacher
Amy Yaskovich
Grade 2/3
Classroom Teacher
Rachael Narozanski
Grade JK/ SK FI
Classroom Teacher
Melissa Woods
Classroom Teacher
Carlin Simms-Brown
Classroom Teacher
Cyndy Tyndall
Learning Resource Teacher
Dana Roy
Grade 3
Classroom Teacher
Holly Brown
Classroom Teacher
Julie Phillips
Classroom Teacher
Tracy McNally                                                      Grade 2                                              Classroom
David Edward                                                              all                                        DL and prep coverage
Helen Merrifield                                                                                                                office manager
Carol Harvey                                                                                                                    custodian
Gail Lambe                                                                                                                      custodian
Shauna Cottrell                                                         1                                               teacher (1 day per wk)
Mary Fothergill                                                                                                         ECE
Stephanie James                                                      all                                           Prep coverage
Leanne Routenberg                                                                                             EA
Wayne Whitfield                                                                                                   EA
Tracy Matthews                                                                                                   ECE
Vanessa Rooney                                                                                                  EA
Sheilagh Bowins                                                                                                   EA
Paige McRonald                                                                                                    ECE
Rhonda Deyell                                                                                                       EA
David Bronzowski                                                                                                 EA                                     
Jennifer Strutt                                                                                                       ECE
Krystal Wirkkunen                                                                                                  ECE

Last Modified: Sep 12, 2017
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