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SVE - January 2018 Newsletter

STVI_Sketch.jpgEcole St. Vincent Euphrasia Elementary School

January 2019

From the Principal's Office
Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas break.  Thank you to our School Council, and all of the volunteers who helped make the SVE Turkey Dinner a great success.
As a reminder, we do spend a great deal of time outside (3 playtimes) so extra mitts and socks are always good to send to school.  If the buses are cancelled, we do not have pizza and extend the orders an extra week.  Parents of walkers, please call the school when buses are cancelled, if your child is not attending school.
Happy 2019 to  everyone in our school family.

Helping Your Child Learn to Read from Ontario Early Reading Strategy
As a parent you are your child's first and most important teacher.  When you help your child learn to read, you are opening the door to a world of books and learning.
Reading aloud to children is the best way to get them interested in reading.  Before long they will grow to love stories and eventually they will want to read on their own.  With the help of parents, children can learn how to read and can practise reading until they can read for their own enjoyment.  Then they will have a whole world of information and knowledge at their fingertips. Reading can be a family activity.  Spending time with word games, stories and books will help your child to:
1.  gather information and learn more about the world
2.  learn how stories and books work, they have beginnings, endings, characters, and themes
3.  build a rich vocabulary by reading and talking about new words
4.  learn how to listen and how to think
5.  learn the sounds of language and language patterns
6.  fall in love with books

Use the following tips and work with your child's teacher and others to improve your child's reading skills.
1.  Talk to your child
2.  Make reading fun
3.  Read every day
4.  Set an example
5.  Talk about books
6.  Listen to your child read
7.  Show that you value your child's efforts.

Pop Tab Collection
The Elora Legion gave out 10 wheelchairs in December bringing the total to 2,700 wheelchairs. Thanks to Connor Knight, Emma Knight, Hailey Pilon and Warren Culbert for their contribution of tabs this month.  We appreciate all of your help.  Pop tab collection will end June 27.  

Future Dates
January 10 - School Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. at SVE
February 1 - P.A. Day (no school for students)
February 8 - Dance-a-thon (information will be sent out later)
February 18 - Family Day Holiday
February 21 - Report cards go home
March 11 - March 15 - March Break

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